Kiran Engg was founded in 2015. Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has been approved by the AD 2000/PED. We have a state of the art infrastructure to ensure a smooth production process. Its success has been achieved by focusing its efforts on serving customers in a variety of high-tech industries. Kiran Engg is known for its employees, many of whom have been with the company since the beginning. Our customers have access to a wealth industry experience and knowledge, which gives them the advantage of our expertise. Kiran Engg now offers a complete range of manufactured products in addition to its existing high-performance nickel alloys.

Kiran Engg now stocks and has direct access to a large range of materials, including stainless steels as well as nickel alloys. This includes many AMS specifications. We supply sheet,coil and plate to a variety of key industries, working with small and large international companies in various countries. We are a trusted supplier in many sectors due to our quality and reliability, as well as industry approvals. This allows us to be competitive in today's global marketplace.


All employees are part of the continuous growth and development process of a sustainable business. Our vision is to be the leading supplier for local and global manufacturers. We will provide high quality materials and processing as well as exceptional customer service, through experience and innovation.


We will work together to create mutually successful business partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and partners by building on trust and looking for opportunities for efficiency improvement and innovation. We will listen, reflectin, and work together with our partners to improve our strategies and strengthen relationships.


Working together to share, learn, and develop talent and skills creates a motivating ethos. We also foster a team that is confident and has a lot of fun. This has allowed us to create a safe, positive work environment and open and honest communication that allows us deliver consistent customer service excellence.


We will all commit to working efficiently and effectively, using best practice initiatives to find more efficient ways of working.

We are constantly improving our facilities and expanding our machinery in order to reach our goals. Our investment also goes to our most important resource, our people. Our customers should have the best possible experience, trusting our team's expertise, knowledge, and experience. We continue to look forward, keeping our core values at the forefront of our actions and decisions. We have a strong existing operation and continue to invest significant capital in the growth of Kiran Engg. Customers who require regular orders of the same materials can have their stock profile adjusted to ensure a steady supply. Our customers are able to achieve lean manufacturing.

Production Capabilities

Businesses from all industries should make lean manufacturing a priority. Our production team is highly skilled and qualified, and can offer a wide range of efficient and high-quality metal processing. Customers benefit from our multilingual staff that can answer technical and commercial questions. Many of our employees have been with the company for over 19 years. These include: Cut to Lengt and De-Coiling. Traverse Winding. Slitting and Shearing. Edge Dressing. Our quick turnaround times allow you to minimize downtime and maximize your production runs.

We offer a wide range of Stainless Steel, High Nickel Alloys and Duplex & Super Duplex Steels. We can supply your metal with the specifications that you require, at a price that is not compromised on quality. Exclusive agreements have been made with several mills so that we can offer bespoke and specialist metals, as well as a large standard metal stock. Our fast turnaround times and custom processing can help you keep production costs down and your time lines efficient. Learn more about Our Products. Many of our employees have held a variety of positions within the company. Our business has grown as a result of our team's continued growth in their knowledge and experience in the metals industry. Our team is an invaluable resource for both us and our loyal customers.